Madurai is a city popularly known as ‘Thoonga Nagaram’ – which means a city that never sleeps. It’s often referred to as Athens of the East – smiled gleefully. The main language spoken by the people of Madurai is Tamil. It is spoken in its pure form. There are a few Tamil epics which have been spun around Madurai.

The city is an ideal example of unity in diversity. With people following different religions there is no clash amongst communities. Madurai is one of the ancient cities of South India with a glorious history. It is famous for its world acclaimed Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple. Madurai is famous for its spirit of festivity. There are a number of festivals celebrated in the city, forming an important part of its cultural heritage.

Madurai is known for its authentic and mouth-watering delicacies and Famous Jigarthanda, which cannot be found elsewhere – rather for the day round hot bustling city is why the city is fondly referred as ‘Thoonga Nagaram’ which means ‘The City Never Sleep’.






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