Famous Jigarthanda has become a household name in the city, it is because of the concerted efforts of P. Sheik Meeran and sons.“Our customers gifted us the name ‘famous’ to identify our shop. It stayed and we just made use of it,”

Located on the busy 94,East Marret, Corner, the jigarthanda shop attracts at least few hundreds everyday and peaks further during summer.

The business was started by our father P. Sheik Meeran in 1977. “We are from Aaraampannai Village near Tirunelveli. My father first sold ice creams made of milk, sugar and vanilla essence for existence. ,”.

The ice cream immediately became the most sought after and people fondly called it as ‘Bhai’ ice cream. In the evenings, Sheik Meeran started selling jigarthanda in push cart. “Though this drink is available everywhere, ours is quite different from the others. We mixed ‘basundi’ to add more taste to the drink,” .




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